Ok, what is the world coming to when you can't live without a computer!? Ok, so maybe I can but it's nice to have one...right!?! Our computer is in the process of being fixed by my wonderful brother, who, thank goodness, wasn't hit too bad by Hurricane Ike. He just got it last week but it's been in the shop a couple weeks before that...long story. What can you do right!? Well, right now I can take full advantage of my cute little sister visiting us for the next couple weeks, and her computer!...hahaha.
So much going on these days. Krisalyn is turning 4! HOLY COW! It's been 4 years already! Kyra is getting so big and talking so much! She also has such a temper! Must be the Samoan gene! hahaha, just kidding...don't hate! And, Little William is ready to take his first step any day! He looks like he wants to but not quite there! He's also getting his cute little teeth and biting!
Somedays, like today, I can't believe that we have three! Hopefully, I will do a good job raising them!