Is that the President?

The other day I was on the internet and Krisalyn saw a picture of President Obama and asked me who he was. So I told her that he was the President of the United States. Here's the conversation I had with her.

K: "Mommy, who is that man?"
Me: "Well, that is President Obama, he is the President of the United States."
K: "Oh, I thought President Monson was the President."
Me: "President Monson is the President of the Church, President Obama is the President of the United States, where we live."
K: "Oh."

So, today at church we were sitting in Sacrament meeting and she turned to me, pointing to an African guy who was going to sit down with his family and asked, "Is that the President?" Of course I told her, "Yes, you should go shake his hand!" Just kidding, although that would have been funny, I just told her no.