Ok, so lately Krisalyn has been so mean to Kyra. I don't really know why but she will lock her out of the room, she will hit her for no reason, or just make her cry. Kyra can stand her own ground but for some reason Krisalyn just gets to her. So, just now when I was telling Krisalyn to be nice to her sister, this was her reply. "I don't want to be nice...nice is boring!" Well, what can you say to that! hahaha Sometimes it is so funny what comes out of her mouth. The other day she found a bookmark in a book and was telling me to look at it. She said, "Mom, look, this is from China." I thought it was so funny and wanted to share.


Tea Anyone?

Krisalyn, Kyra and I had a tea party the other day. It was nice to have friends with us...the pink elephant, Mickey and Minnie, Lion, and others...we had a great time!


Trip to Houston

So, a couple weeks ago we, my sister, Renee, myself and the kids went to Houston to visit my brother, Tony, and his wife, Cathy. We only went down for a day, so we were only there for a few hours but it was really fun. On the way down, Krisalyn and Kyra were singing and dancing to some great 80's music...

Well, we got to my brothers house and the first thing I see is this huge dog!
At first the girls were scared but once they realized that it was such a great dog they kept wanting to play with it. It was pretty funny because he kept wanting to sit on them!
Anyways, Tony and Cathy took us to Chuck E Cheese. It was the first time for the girls to go and they had so much fun! It was nice for me too because Tony and Cathy ran around after the girls! It was a nice break...I didn't have to run after them but still got to be there to see how much fun they were having! It was great! Here are some pictures of their time at Chuck E Cheese.

The good ol' Carousel.
Chuck E Cheese...where a kid can be a kid...no matter how old!
Let's go for a ride Chuck!!!
She is riding "The Giant", a ride at Six Flags.
Thanks for the great time, Tony and Cathy. I hope we can do it again soon!


To all my friends out there!

This is to all of you out there who have been there for me when I needed a friend! Thanks!

Thanks to my sister, Emma, who sent this to me! Nice to know I am one of your friends!!!

God determines who walks into my life .
It's up to me to decide who I'll let walk away,
who I'll let stay, and who I'll refuse to let go.'

I like you because of who you are to me ... A good friend!

Proud to be your Friend!




Tragedy in the boondox!

Ok, so there was a change to this post...hopefully nobody read the original, but with my luck they probably have and never want to come to this site again! It was a crazy night last night. The tub that the girls use has a problem with the drain...the plug does not really work the way it should which is fine unless the girls are not done playing in the water! With the plug down, the water slowly drains giving the girls about 10 minutes to play in the water (which is plenty of time, unless I want a couple more minutes to just sit and relax!!!) Well, this time, the girls were in the bath and once the water was drained, I told them to sit there until I get back from seeing what was wrong with the baby. I got back to see both of them out of the tub, Kyra trying to turn on the sink to play in that water and Krisalyn telling me that she was cold and needed to be washed. What came next was something totally unexpected but seemed to be inevitable! As I was getting Kyra down from the sink, I turned just in time to see Krisalyn fall to the floor crying! She had tried to climb into the tub (something she does all the time!) but because the floor was wet from them climbing out, she slipped and hit her mouth on the way down. She was on the floor bending down holding her face so I didn't know what she hit until I got to her and she lifted her head. There was tons of blood on the floor, so I knew it was more serious than I had thought. Krisalyn, seeing the blood, screamed even louder now because it was hers! Kyra also started crying when she saw the red puddle on the floor. It turns out, she bit her bottom lip when she hit the tub. I was not happy! I was the one that told her to get back in! Her lip looked so bad! So, I took a picture of it...she didn't really like it but I did it anyways...here is what it looked like last night after it happened.

Ok, so the pictures may not look as bad as I might have made you believe...I tried the best I could taking the pictures. Today, she's got a fat lip and it's more bruised but I'm glad that it wasn't more serious...like breaking a tooth or something.
So, I hope all of you who read this post don't think I am a terrible mother because I let my kids (well, really only Krisalyn right now) climb into the bathtub by themselves, I'm just one, of many, who is trying the best she can and can't stay calm all the time when crazy things happen, As much as I would love to be one of the few who can!