The kids are growing way, way, way too fast! As exciting as it is, it's also sad! My little ones are getting bigger and soon they will be teenagers and not want to be seen with me! Ok, not so soon but you know what I mean! Krisalyn gave the baby a new nickname. His name is now Chewy! Why? Well, it's because he likes to chew on everything...like all babies. One night Krisalyn started calling him that and it just stuck I guess. He especially likes to go to the feet, which is funny...and gross! He's also been crawling for about a month now and is getting his first two teeth. The first one broke through and I just noticed it yesterday! Boy, how time flies! The girls are getting so big as well! Krisalyn wants to be the mommy, wanting to help with the baby (most of the time) and Kyra, well, she is in the terrible twos and doesn't like to do anything we tell her. She's into hitting, pulling hair, and spitting but thank goodness, got over the biting! She definitely independent! When Krisalyn went through her "terrible twos" I thought to my self, 'Hey, this isn't too bad, she is actually pretty tame compared to others I have seen." And then....Kyra got to be two! Wow, total different experience. Not that I would trade it for anything but feel like I got both extremes! Ioelu always tells me that her stubbornness must come from me...maybe, but I think some of it came from his Samoan genes!!! I love those genes anyway! So I have some recent pictures that I finally uploaded from the camera.

Here's "Chewy" at a picnic for the 4th of July. Ioelu found some Samoan friends and we had an imu. Yea, he was really excited since he was, and still is, getting tired of my American food! I like this picture cause it looks as if he's asking me why I'm bothering him and his pork! No, we don't feed him like this on a regular basis. Jelu just wanted to give him some taste of 'real' food! All I have to say is that it is good there is an L&L here. And really good that it is better than the one in Laie!

Doesn't he have the cutest smile?! Yes, I'm biased but what mom wouldn't be right!? hahaha

I'm so glad the girls love each other most of the time! I'm glad I have sisters I am close to and I hope these two can be as close as I am with my sisters!


TAG team back again...

I couldn't resist the title since my friend Tia tagged me. It's been a while but I am finally getting around to posting...not ignoring!! Anyway, in this tag I need to tell 6 facts about me and let me tell you, there are some beans I don't want to spill since my parents will probably read this. Hahaha, just kidding, I don't think I did anything in my life that my parents don't know about, and if I did, I can't think of it! Well, I think the way this works is that I say 6 interesting things about me and tag 6 other people...so your names will be at the end of the post and since there are only 9 people that I know that look at this blog from time to time it's not hard to choose so beware I might just tag everyone! hahahaha
Ok, well, let start...hummm....

1. I love, love, love Chocolate. Although it's nothing uncommon, it's true. And my figure is paying, ugh! When the temptation is there...it's hard to control myself...good thing the temptation is not frequent. The two most tempting choc-o-late things are yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chili's Chocolate Molten Cake (if you haven't had it...I totally recommend it!). Who can blame me right!

2. Random....I can wave with my second toe...without the others moving. Weird and random, I know, but it's actually pretty funny. My sisters always made fun of me when I did it...and it was usually after they requested it!

3. Not too interesting but I'm one of seven kids...smack dab in the middle...three older and three younger. And I married someone who is smack dab in the middle as well...six older and six younger. Crazy, I know, and when we first got married he talked about having that many kiddos!

4. I love to clean (except the dishes!). Honestly I do...it seems to be a stress reliever for me. When I was younger I would clean in the middle of the night because I didn't want anyone coming in and messing it up right after I had just cleaned it. What ever I was cleaning had to be perfectly clean and if someone would put anything in the sink or walk on the floor, I wouldn't be happy. A little extreme, I know, but I wanted it to stay clean. It's a little tough now with three kids and I'm so tired by the end of the day that I can't do it in the middle of the night. So kuddos to all of you who can keep the house beautiful with your little ones running around. It drives me insane sometimes when I can't get the house perfectly clean and my sweet hubby keeps telling me that it's ok cause I have kids...then I go to someone else's house who have kids...yea, you get the point. As much as I love my girls...they have definitely learned how to get things for themselves but not how to put them away.

5. I use to be one of those girls who was in love with the New Kids on the Block! Wow! I can't believe that they got back together and are on tour. It seems so weird. Needless to say, I don't think I will be one of those screaming girls in the front row! It's just so funny to me now! Yea, being a young girl, I thought they were so hot! Now I wonder what was wrong with me!

6. My new favorite drink is blackberry sprite. YUMMY! I have gotten tired of the regular sprite but Sonic has a blackberry syrup...or something...that they put into it and it is so refreshing. If I drink soda, it's the only kind I drink...so hopefully Sonic doesn't get rid of it any time soon!

Ok, now I'm going to tag...um...lets see...I know I'm supposed to give six names but I'm going to change my answer to anyone who wants to do this tag, since not many people come on here that I know of.