3...going on 30

Warning: This is probably going to be pretty boring...it's pretty much a play by play of our last two days!
Let's see...where to begin. The past couple days were two celebrations rolled up in one...well, sort of. Monday was my birthday...good ol' 30! What am I going to do...I am now in my 3rd decade of existence, and hope there are many more decades to come! The day started out to be just another ordinary day. I cleaned the house, got the kids ready to go to the mall to ride the carissel (ok, so that doesn't happen everyday...but you get the picture) and take Kyra to pick out a birthday gift. Tuesday was Kyras birthday and since Ioelu had Monday off, we decided to take her to Build-a-Bear and have her pick out her own bear (a pink one she named Princess Bear). She really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we met up with my parents at the Cheesecake Factory and had some yummy food! We finally got the kids to sleep and Ioelu and I headed out to see a movie. We went to see Duplicity...which, in my opinion, was a waste of $20. Because Kyra's birthday was on Tuesday, I wanted to do something special for her 3 birthday. We just had a little family party. We played Princess bingo, had some cake and ice cream, watched as she opened her gifts and laughed as she would hug each one and say how much she loved it. The only gift she didn't hug was an outfit she got from Grandma...she opened it, slid it across the table to Ioelu and asked for the next one! She is such a funny girl! Yea, I know toys are more important to her at this age but she is going to look so cute in those clothes!


Funny things said...

Krisalyn says the funniest things. I really need to start writing them down! Here are a few things that she said...

One night we were sitting at dinner with my dad and Krisalyn was saying how she wanted to be a grown-up already, but that she didn't want to be "old, old, old, old, old like Grandpa!"

Last night at dinner I asked her if she knew whose birthday it was tomorrow. She guessed everyone except me, so finally Ioelu told her it was mine and said I was going to be old. "Yep," I said, "I'm going to be old, old, old." So I look at her and she starts crying! Of course, I ask her why she is crying and she just says, "I don't want you to be old old old!"

Today at breakfast she asks "Mommy, can you make a cake for your birthday today?"
"I don't want to make my birthday cake" I said.
"But, everybody else can eat it!" She replied.