Better late than never!

I finally got my camera emptied onto the computer and can now put up pictures from Halloween and the festivities. October was a bitter sweet month for me. We were just settling, in a sense, in Texas, made some great friends and caught up with the old, then we moved. So to all our wonderful friends in Texas, we miss you! Here are some pictures taken the last two weeks of October.

The kids at a great Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound. I had always wanted to take the kids to one. They had a lot of fun.

I think the wagon was for the huge pumpkins but this was a great way to push the kids around.

ALOHA! They love doing the Shaka!

William didn't really know what to think about all the pumpkins but he had as much fun as the girls!

The girls are at the age where they know what Halloween is and were really excited when they finally got to go Trick or Treating. It was so cute! Krisalyn was a princess and Kyra was Snow White one night and Cinderella the next night. Gotta love garage sale costumes!
Trick or Treat at the Trunk or Treat!

Ioelu's never got into Halloween until this year. He had more fun then he'd like to admit!
I helped get him dressed. I guess he won't be letting me help him anymore! I love being a nerd for Halloween because I can act like myself and people think it's part of the costume! I was told by a friend that I shouldn't be a nerd...don't really know why, maybe because it's not very original so instead of dressing myself up as one, I got Ioelu too! Gotta keep up with tradition! He makes a great nerd.

Here's our family photo! We went trick or treating with some great friends, the Churchwells, and have a picture of their beautiful daughters with us. Thanks for sharing your night with us! We had a great time!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, tons have happened and more is yet to come but just wanted to update now that we have a computer we can use! Let's see...we moved...again! We had only lived in Texas for about 8 months and now moved to Georgia. Let me just say...as much as we miss Texas and the friends that we have there, Georgia is beautiful! We unfortunately lost a bunch of the kids clothes coming up here somehow! Not sure what happened to them but they are gone...their warm clothes, which totally sucks! Other than that we are just trying to get settled in. The kids are coping with the change well, and seem to be happy, although they really miss their friends. Little Will is not so little anymore. He is starting to walk slowly around the house. I think it's so cute when little ones start to walk...it's like they are sneaking up on you! Well, like I said earlier...more is yet to come, I have to find my camera to post the cute pictures from Halloween and what not.