So has anyone seen those stackable bubbles? My sister got some for Krisalyn's birthday and they are so cool! The kids love them! What makes them great is that tons of bubbles come out when you blow and they don't pop the instant that they hit something. When they do pop they are easy to wipe off, unless they get in your hair, as you can see with Kyra...then there is always the bath! If you don't mind a little mess, seriously it's not much, then these bubbles are great!! Here are some pictures of the kids having fun with them.


Four Years and Counting...

Krisalyn turned 4 on Monday. I can't believe how fast these years have gone by. It seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital and now she FOUR! Man, what am I going to say when she's 10 or 16 and dating...or 20! Holy cow, I need to try not to think about it.
So, we celebrated her birthday the Friday before her birthday and had a little party at the park...nothing big, just some pizza, cake and ice cream. And let me tell ya, I loved it...not a whole lot of planning needed to be done. All the kids wanted to do was go to the playground. Oh, the simple pleasures in life! I am so glad that we have friends here to share the celebration of her life! My mom was here in Dallas for a business trip, so on Monday she stopped by and we had a little family party...lucky Krisalyn. Ioelu asked if it was a good idea because she would probably think that every day was her birthday. So, what did I do? I decorated the house and had us celebrate for family home evening because my little sister and my mom were here visiting from out of town. What can you do!hahaha
Here are a few pictures of her day and some of the fun things she received.