gotcha some updates...

...FROM DECEMBER. These are some pictures I found so far. I have no clue where the pictures are from the beginning of the year! So you are stuck back in December with me at the moment.

Me and Ioelu at Stone Mountain

The kiddos on top of Stone Mountain.
When I told Krisalyn we were going to Stone Mountain she asked what it was. My response...a big rock! She wasn't too excited but once she got there it was alot more fun than just a big rock!

Krisalyn and Kyra getting ready for their movie debut! We recorded them for our Ward Christmas video. They wanted each family to make a video of them singing a Christmas song. Can you guess what song they are singing?
Mele Kalikimaka...is the thing to say!

Christmas Morning! YAY!
Well, that's all I have for you at the moment. Enjoy the short update from 5 months ago!


Sorry for the delay...

Sorry for all you who check this thing. I have been lazy in my updating but I'm going to try to update with pictures so bare with me! It is coming soon, promise!