lets see if this works...

OK, so I finally made the time to upload the pictures from our camera and hopefully I can get them on to this post with no problem! We had a little over 400 pictures on the camera...a lot of which Krisalyn took (she is a very good photographer!) However, I have had a problem getting all the kids together and happy to take a picture. Most of the time they will be happy and then right before I snap the camera, Kyra will move, probably because she gets bored waiting for the picture to be taken! Anyways, here are some that I got...

These were taken within the last couple weeks. They are the two good pictures of all three kids!

The girls LOVE William! They always get into trouble wanting to kiss him all the time and being right in his face. Most of the time he doesn't mind...he really likes it but there are the other times where he just hates it because...well, you know, how it is having someone always up in your face. But here are more pictures of the three
William just looks soo cute in this picture...He is getting so big, it's still hard to believe he is only 3 months!
Here is Krisalyn and William and the next picture is Kyra with William. I just love the face that Kyra is making! I don't know what she was doing as I took the picture!!! Enjoy!


Testing the waters

First of all, I want to apologize to those who I have not told about this blog...which is pretty much everyone except Ioelu...thanks Monica for finding me!!! I just started doing this blogging thing a few days ago and I am still trying to figure everything out. I didn't want to tell anyone about this until I got it perfect...at least the way that I liked it, but that may take a while! So far I have changed the title of this blog three times and looked at changing the background. That's the good thing about this, you don't have to be stuck with something once you click save...especially if you are like me and can't make up your mind! Now I need to figure out how to put pictures up and the other cool things that I see on my friends blogs. Who knew so many people blogged!! I guess blogging is the new big thing! Well, it's not too bad...I mean this is the best way, I think, to keep in touch of everyones life that you don't see everyday. I'm glad I got the idea from Angela and Monica, even if they may not know it. I kinda felt left out, you know. I would go on their blogs and see the cool things that are going in their lives. Ok, you got me...although they do have cool things going on in their lives, it was really so they can have my name on their friends with blogs list! Can you blame a girl?! No, the real reason was so that my friends could know what is going on with me...even though I lead a life that may not be very adventurous, to say the least. Well, I guess I can't really say that it doesn't have it moments. I mean, I have had a tea party with my girls, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Elephant, and tiger. That is pretty fun...until Kyra starts throwing all the food around. At least it's the plastic brand and easy to clean up! I go and hang out with Chuck E Cheese while Uncle Tony and Auntie Cathy take the girls on fun rides, and I got to go to the zoo with my three favorite little ones and hang out with the gorillias.
Well, if you are interested in knowing about the kids...they are growing so fast, it's hard to believe! Little William is 15 pounds already...he is only 3 months old!!! That's probably pretty common but it just seems like he should still be little, you know what I mean!! He started rolling over a couple days ago. He is only able to roll half way but soon it will be all the way, and then crawling and on to walking!!!! That's life right! Krisalyn and Kyra are getting big as well. Sometimes I look at them and can't believe how tall they got or how much they are talking. More Kyra for the talking. Kyra, now, talks so much. Krisalyn, although she has been talking for a little while, cracks me up with what she says. Things like, "I'm so proud that baby is my brother." or "Mmm, let me think", or "Mom, when are we going to paint and make the house pretty?" Oh, GOOD TIMES!


First timer meets blogger

Well, I don't really know what I am doing. This is the first time for me but I decided to start this because I am so bad at emailing and I wanted to keep my friends informed with my life! So, I hope I do an ok job!
OK, so it has been two months since we left Hawaii for Texas...some may say why, but those who have lived there know why we would leave such a beautiful place for Texas! Texas isn't that bad, and Ioelu seems to like it although it's not an island. At least now we still have some money left in our account until the next paycheck, hence the reason for our great move! We did however move to a house where the old tenants left it a real mess. Disappointing at first but with a little TLC we can make this place a nice home! Ioelu and I just finished painting the living room and hall ways...let me tell you, it looks a hundred times better...from a pale pink (yes, you heard right...pink in every room except one of the bathrooms and that was blue!) to a dark beige. May not be everybody's favorite but anything is better than what was on there before. We will see what my mom thinks when she sees it tomorrow. My brother in Houston said that mom didn't really like the color on his walls...which is a lot like what we have but all well!!! What can you do, right!!!
So our girls are pretty excited to paint the house. Everyday Krisalyn asks when we are going to paint the house and make it pretty. It's nice to be able to have a place where we can do what ever we want to the house and not worry about the landlords! No, it's not our own house but it belongs to my parents who want us to try to fix it up and make it decent. It is definitely a fixer upper but the rewards are great when we see the finished product!!!