Appointment for Santa?

Dear Santa,

Get new helpers!
Love, me

Ok, can anyone tell me that they have heard of this. I think it is so ridiculous! We, my mom and I, decided to surprise the kids by taking them to go see Santa yesterday. It was the first time I had been to this mall since we moved here and I thought it would be great...See Santa, get the rest of the shopping done and be home by 6. NO, what happened was, we got to the mall, found where Santa was and got turned away because we didn't have an appointment to see him?!! WHAT! Does anyone do that? Apparantly this was the first year for this mall to do this and hopefully the last. All those poor little kids who just want to go and see Santa but can't because the stinkin' elves can't fit them into his schedual. What takes so long that you have to make an appointment? My kids weren't really affected by this since they didn't really know that that was the big suprise. So, we left the mall, ran our errands and went to another one which took about an hour to get to because the traffic was horrible, and there saw a great Santa. He looked like the real deal. We didn't get home until almost 11! But, All in all it turned out to be fine and the girls were happy to see him and I was happy because they were happy. (The pictures will be up as soon as I get them onto the computer.)

I love putting up conversations that I have with Krisalyn because they are just so funny to me, so here's another one.
On the way home from seeing Santa I had asked her what she told him she wanted for Christmas. I had no idea she wanted these things. Here's part of the conversation.
She said "I told Santa that I wanted an Ariel that didn't swim."
"Really," I said, "Well, what if Santa can't bring you an Ariel?"
Kr: "Why?"
me: "What if he runs out?"
Kr: "He can't run out because he makes his own toys!"
me: "OH!"
She just cracks me up!


What am I going to do with her!

So last night we were sitting down for dinner and this was the conversation I had with Krisalyn.
Kr: Mom, when I get bigger and married can I have babies.
Me:Yea, when you get old like me you can have babies.
Kr:But I don't want to be older, older, older like Grandma and Grandpa!

OH, the disrespect! My dad and I just busted out laughing!


"Poor Poophers" A Dedication to the dog

In Memory of Pooph

Disclaimer: I have always been an animal love but never really understood why people go to the extreme for their pet...clothes, diamond callers, taking them everywhere you go, leaving them millions of dollars in your will. It just doesn't make sense. But with that said, Pooph was part of the family...the part of pet!

Pooph was my parents dog that they had for about a year and a half. My brother and sister in law found him on the side of the road and took him in, later giving him to my parents. The kids loved him and he loved them. He was their protector. Kyra loved to lay down next to him and pet him. On Monday, he did not want to eat or drink anything. We all thought he just didn't feel good. Tuesday morning came and Krisalyn came in looking for him. Later my dad informed me that he had died sometime early that morning. This is my kids first encounter with death but certainly not their last. When we told Krisalyn, her response was "Poor Poophers, he's dead" and ran falling onto her bed crying. I later asked her if she knew what being dead means. She just shook her head and being the articulate mother that I am I told her, "It means he's not coming back." Yea, probably not the best thing to say! "Then whose going to bark at the door when people knock?" "Well," I said, "I guess you would have too." "No, mommy, I'm not a dog!" was all she said. All throughout the day, Kyra would go looking for him carrying food to feed him. Krisalyn would just keep repeating "Poor Poophers, he's not coming back." When my mom got home from work Krisalyn told her the bad news (She fortunately knew already). Here's the conversation she had with grandma
gm: quoting the movie she told Krisalyn, "Yea, He went to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus in Heaven because after all, all dogs go to heaven."
K: "Well, when is he coming back to see us?"
gm: "He's not coming back to see us, he is going to wait for us to go see him"
K: "OK"
She seemed so content with that answer. Oh, the innocence of youth. I wish I still had that innocence!


We Gotta Walker!

William has been walking for a couple weeks now and I just thought I would tell everyone the wonderful news! I say wonderful because now I don't have to carry him around while I'm chasing after the girls! He is such a cute little walker. (I say that now). When he has something he knows he shouldn't have he starts running...or rather walking faster than his little wobble...giggling along the way! He is getting to be a very big little man, and very handsome (No, I'm not bias) So there you have it, news on my little walker.