Family Photos

Ok, so the last time we took "professional" family pictures was when Kyra was about a month old...yea, I know! Well, there is a lady in our ward who is going to school for photography and I asked if she needed any models. A couple weeks later, she ran up to me and said that she had time, so we got with her last Wednesday for some pics. I had no idea where to go to get some good ones but luckly she knows her way around better than I do. She found this really cool University that looks like castle walls. This place was so great! I was so excited to be getting the pictures done and she did a great job with what she was working with! The kids were definitly a handful and did not cooporate but she got some good shots. So here they are.

Daddy and his girls
like father...like son

The girls
Yea, I think this one is going to be our Christmas card!
Not quite sure, though!

Love this picture of the little man!
So, if anyone would like a Chrismas card just send your address...and I'll try to pick a good picture! (and when I say good, I mean one that I think I look alright in!!!! We are our own worse critic...right!?)


Best Friends

Last week we took a couple days to drive over to South Carolina. It was a long drive but a lot of fun! We went to go see a couple friends, Misi and Jenny, that we knew from BYU Hawaii. Krisalyn and their daughter are like best friends. They were born only a week apart and up until they moved from Hawaii, they played a lot together. Now we live about 5 hours away and decided it was about time for a road trip! If you didn't know any better, you wouldn't think that Krisalyn and Oceana had been apart for three years! They played every minute of the day together! It was nice to see such great friends together again! Kyra and William were not alone...well, Kyra mainly. They do have another daughter, Aaryah, who is between William and Kyra, so they weren't too lonely! I think William, though, was really getting tired of all the estrogen in the house! He wanted to do everything that Daddy and Uncle Misi were doing, especially eat with the big boys! At one point, Ioelu was singing and drumming so they can dance the Poly dances. They did the Tahitian hip shakin, the Maori tongue stickin' out, and Pearly Shells! They had so much fun! It was great to see old friends...hopefully we can do it again soon!

As promised...

...pictures from our adventures a few weeks ago. William wasn't feeling too well from cutting more teeth, so he wasn't his typical, running around getting into everything, self! He kept the backpack on pretty much the whole time and kept his hand in his pocket! It was so funny! When we went to get the photo with Santa, William refused to get on his lap and we were only allowed to take one picture with our camera. All well!