Thinking back when...

Well, we don't have a camera. I have no clue where it could have gone to. I mean, the house isn't that big, and I always forget to take it with me when we go somewhere, so it has to be somewhere at the house, right?! It has been gone for a few months now...and although I don't take as many pictures of the kids as I should, I miss taking the few that I do!
I haven't really updated on the kids for a while so I thought it might be about time. The time has just flown by since each one was born.


  • Smart
  • beautiful
  • full of excitement
  • very caring
  • wants to know everything
  • loves to dance
  • loves to dress up
  • loves being the big sister...most of the time
  • Loves her Pierre Bear

  • very funny
  • beautiful
  • smart
  • loves to dance
  • loves to tell jokes
  • loves to have fun
  • loves to laugh
  • loves her horses
  • loves her big sister and little brother

  • Momma's boy
  • Loves to tickle
  • handsome
  • loves his cars
  • loves bananas...or anything else ;-)
  • loves to tackle
  • loves to run
  • Loves his sisters

I don't remember if I posted it or not but I think it is absolutely beautiful of Krisalyn and Kyra.

I like this one because of Williams expression...priceless!

Can you tell what song they are singing?! :-)

Just a quick note...Ioelu started a blog, in case anyone was interested.