what's been going on...

Just want to start off by tell those few of you who read this...Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, who will do anything to ensure my happiness, who loves me so much even when I know that I get on his nerves. A man who tells me I'm beautiful no matter what time of the day it is...or what day for that matter! A man who supports me in whatever I want to do and wants me to follow my dreams. A man who is such a great father to our children and loves them so much. I am blessed with three beautiful children, who at times can be terrors but I love with all my heart...and great friends, who know me and like me anyways!! You guys are great!

I got back from Trinidad last week. Yea, it was an exciting trip. My best friend got married to a guy from there. It is an interesting story of how they met...long story short, she went to visit her parents who were serving a mission, met this man and was smitten! So, they were married in Trinidad and went on to the Dominican Republic to be sealed. I wasn't able to go to her sealing but was able to go to the civil wedding. I was looking at pictures of her that her sister posted from the temple on facebook and let me just she was radiant! She has always been beautiful but that day she was beaming! Brides always have that glow to them when they get married but there is definitely a different glow when you come out of the temple after being sealed to your eternal companion.
Trinidad wedding.
Sealing in Dominican Republic temple

My main purpose in going to Trinidad was, of course, the wedding but we did get to go to Fort George the next day, before we had to get back on the plane. Fort George is a pretty cool historical site. It looks over the city of Port of Spain and was initially built in the 1800's to for protection but was never used. On a clear day, you can look out and see Venezuela on the horizon, since it's only like nine miles out.
When I got back...yep, that's right, I went all by myself. Aah, it was a nice break but I was happy to be home with my man...and the kids.

Later that week, Ioelu, the kids and I ventured out to see the Delta museum. It was pretty fun...and free, which makes it even better! We got to see some of the planes that Delta use to fly. It was pretty cool. We then went on to the mall where we found Santa (I didn't know he would be there so early) a cool little train that we could ride and the carosell that the kids love! It was a great day!

I'll be putting up pictures of our adventures soon.


Halloween 2009

It really sucks not having a camera...but luckily, my dad has his and let us borrow it for trick or treating. This year, trick or treating was ok. We miss going out with our friends to trick or treat. Up until last year, we did our Halloweens in Laie with such wonderful friends. There is nothing quite like the Trick or Treating on Moana and Ioesepa Street. Last year we spent Halloween with a great family, the Churchwells, and had a blast. It is so much fun to share the spooky holiday with friends. This year, although it was just our little family, it was still fun. Our ward did their trunk or treating on Friday and the girls were so excited! It was good, and the kids, got a lot of candy. Luckily, we didn't have to buy candy for Halloween night trick or theaters. We handed out the candy kids got from the trunk or treat! (just don't tell the kids! hahaha) It really didn't matter much because they received plenty of candy that I don't know what to do with!
So, here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes.

The Rose Princess

The butterfly Princess...with out the wings

Roarrrrr...the little dragon! When people would ask him what he was, he would say "ROAR"...so cute!

My little posers!

Trick or treat!

Ioelu dressed up for work on Friday and is awaiting the results of the contest they had. He won the morning shift and now the supervisors have to figure out who it is going to be.

This has nothing to do with Halloween but I think it's pretty funny...in a good way. I visit teach a couple of great women. I was talking with one of them, with her husband, trying to figure out a good time to go and see her. As we were talking, I pointed out Ioelu. Her husband got so excited and said something like "Your married to that really cool guy that wears that skirt thing" Yep, that's me! He was telling me that ever since he saw Ioelu in one he wanted one. So, last week, Ioelu gave him one of his and they wore them to church on Sunday. I missed it, due to a couple kids being sick, but they came over to take a picture of the two in their lavalava's. Ioelu said it was pretty funny at church because now, instead of everyone looking at him, they are now looking at the other guy. Funny! I think he can handle it!