What's on my mind...

Seriously, there is so much on my mind! I don't care very much for politics but what has been going on lately has really been bothering me. I was visiting one of my very best friends a few weeks ago and we started talking about citizenship. She is about to marry a man from Trinidad...and she knows, obviously, about Ioelu and his immigration status. Well, as we were talking, her aunt jumped in and was talking about her son-in-law and how he had been in the US for something like 26 years. She mentioned that the immigration office had told him that when he took his citizenship test, it would be in Spanish. Well, he went to take it and lo and behold, it was in English so he failed it. She was so upset on the fact that it was immigrations fault that he didn't pass! It took all that I had to hold my tongue and not tell her that it was his own fault. 26 years living in the United States, you would think that the guy would learn enough English to pass the test!

The other issue I have is this whole racial thing going on about the cop that arrested the Harvard Professor. Come on people...he was doing his job! The guy didn't get arrested because he was black, or because he was breaking into his own house...he got arrested for disorderly conduct, which is a legitimate reason no matter what color you are! And for Obama to be so quick to judge this police officer without knowing all the facts! "Racism is still a big issue in America" REALLY? Maybe it's because people can't stop bringing it up! To people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, it is a very huge issue! Why is that? I can't stand the way they just assume that everything that happens is based on race. People who do something wrong deserve to be punished...that's the way it goes...and in the words of Michael Jackson, "It don't matter if you black or white" or at least it shouldn't. This country will never be free from racism until we, the people who live here, stop letting it be in issue! We need to grow up and treat everyone with respect. We are all here for the same reason! We all make mistakes and need to stop putting the blame on other people...people, who despite what some think, are just like us, equal in our rights as human beings.


What do you think?

Well, I finally decided to do this and I'm not sure what I think. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get it onto the blog so I had it done like 7 times. I did it 3 times for William and each time the percentage would come out different. The first one was looking 4% more like me, then 3% more like Ioelu, then 100% equal. Maybe I should have used the same picture on all of them! All well, close enough!

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Happy Anniversary...Delayed!

So, last month was our 6 year anniversary! YEY! I wonder how many people thought it would last?! I did! haha We are still going strong! :-) Well, I wanted to reminisce a little bit of the past so I posted some pictures.

Ahhh! Our first date. Yep, the '02 Fall Ball. Back then, I seriously didn't think that anything would happen between us but as fate would have it...that was the first night of forever!

This is one of the few that we have while we were dating. (Any of you remember those bright puletasis we wore that year ('02) for Cultural Night!?) I am not one of those who take pictures all the time, although there are times that I regret that fact. This was taken on the weekend my parents came over to have the "can I marry your daughter" chat. You know what I'm talking about! That was a definite must in my book! Although he denies it...Ioelu was so nervous! All went well though!

Taken by one of my wonderful sisters, I think this is a beautiful picture and I just wanted to share!

For our anniversary this year we wanted to do something spectacular... Yea, I know, it was only our 6th anniversary but still. We left the kids for the weekend with my parents and headed over to Arizona! Yea, some of you may not think that that was anything spectacular but for us it was. We got to see some great friends from Hawaii that we haven't seen in a long time. Some of whom were moving to New Zealand the following week. Moa and Netta, you guys are great! Thanks for letting us spend some time with you and your kids! Monica! It was so great seeing you! Your kids are beautiful and I hope to come and visit you again soon!

Since this is in honor of our anniversary...I wanted to write a little dedication to the man I share my life with! Many times he asks me why I married him, as I'm sure many of us ask our spouse the same question...maybe for reassurance, justification, or just wanting to be reminded. And many times I just tell him because "I love you". It is very hard for me to say what I am feeling...I get way too emotional and because I'm unsure how the other person will respond...although the second reason isn't really the case with Ioelu. So, I want to tell him some of the reasons why I love him so much.
  • He can always make me laugh!
  • He dances super fly! ;-)
  • He is super duper hot!
  • He loves me no matter what I say or what I look like!
  • He is a very hard worker and wants so much to provide everything for me and his kids.
  • He is there for me when everyone else seems to turn away!
  • He is so patient with me and all my foolishness!
  • He helps me become a better person!
  • He is my best friend!
  • He honors the Priesthood that he holds!
These are just a few qualities that I love about the man I chose to live forever with, and some may be a little superficial, but you gotta be attracted to the man you wake up next to every morning, right!? Anyway, I am not an elloquent speaker...I don't really know how to put my feelings into words, so I tend to wrap up my feelings in a simple phrase..."Because I LOVE YOU!"
I love him with all my heart! I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like with out him, and frankly I don't want to! I am so blessed to have a man who can go with me to the temple! A man who is a worthy Priesthood holder! A man who is such a wonderful Husband, Father and Friend! So, Here's to my man and to the rest of our life together!