First day of Kindergarten

Krisalyn started Kindergarten today! We were both extremely excited. I thought that maybe I would tear up a little but to my surprise there was not even the urge to do so! I was so excited for her that you would think it was my first day of school! I couldn't sleep last night and I seemed to wake up every hour to check the clock just to make sure I didn't miss the alarm and make her late! I had the alarm on for 6 am...Ioelu called around 5:30 and said he was on his way home (he got off early to go with us!) I went to ask Krisalyn if she was awake. When she realized what day it was, she jumped out of bed and ran to the shower! I hope this excitement for school lasts! Here are some pictures of Krisalyn's first day!

Ready to go to school!

Her Teacher, Mrs. Shaikh!!!

with mommy

with daddy

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Annie said...

Yay for Kindergarten! Mallina starts this Wednesday. She is SO excited too. If only we were both still in Hawaii, they could go together!