well, well, well

Yea, not much has happened to me since I last wrote unless you consider the fact that...

We had baby Fatu at the end of August. Happens to be the same day my little brother was born, some years prior. He, Fatu, was the biggest baby I had at a wopping 8 lbs 13 oz. Ok, so maybe doesn't seem that big to some but to me he was already grown! haha The first day he was lifting his head, he's like a little man inside a baby's body. He is now over 16 lbs and only 3 months old. I tell ya, I see little newborns and I don't remember him being that small...oh, wait, he wasn't! My brother, the same who shares his birthday with Fatu, and his wife recently had a baby. She weighed in at 6 lbs something oz. Tiny, Tiny, especially by Fatu's standards! But, all is well...he is healthy and just as handsome as can be!

My Dad passed away recently...on Nov 17. It was difficult as imagined but I seem to be taking it a little better than I expected. He was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in June and had no symptoms. My mom was still in Texas and he was still in Atlanta so I went with him to his oncologist appointments to see what can be done. He decided to do radiation at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, where my oldest brother happens to work as the Head of the Cancer Center. He did the radiation the week before I had Fatu and everything seemed to be going ok. He was then released from his calling at church as a counselor in the Branch Presidency of a Vietnamese Branch at the end of Sept. In October, we found out that the cancer had grown into his lungs. It moved fast and he fought hard. He waited long enough for most of us kids to get to him to say our last goodbyes. He will be missed but I know that we will be together again and that is what gives me strength.

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